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Jason Smida: CEO/Certified Accountant

Ever since he watched his mother balance her checkbook as a child, Jason Smida has been intrigued by numbers. While many find math quite intimidating, Jason has always found comfort in it. The definitive nature of figures has always brought solace to him and this feeling would ultimately play a major role in his life’s work. However, math was only one of Jason’s early loves. In his teens, he wanted to be a musician, specifically a pianist. Life brought about a bit of a detour with the birth of his son and Jason decided that it might be a more solid plan to provide for him by pursuing a career in accounting. He went on to obtain his license as a Certified Public Accountant, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration. His early love of the field, combined with his superb acumen and education, are the major reasons that he has been so successful in the industry and is a highly sought after accounting professional.

After spending a few years at a mid-sized accounting firm, Jason decided to move to a smaller one, where he could work with small businesses. Discovering that this was the exact kind of client with which he’d like to consistently work, he decided to start his own firm, Infinity Accounting and Business Consulting, LLC. The firm focuses on business success for the small business owner and provides accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping services. Jason’s calm and relatable approach, combined with the word of many satisfied clients, has been key in Infinity Accounting’s continued expansion.

Jason enjoys sharing the ins and outs of accounting and created a course at Carlow University, which he taught for three years. He is frequently invited to speak to small business cohorts and groups, to share his expertise with new and veteran business owners.

It is rare to meet a highly skilled and knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant, who is also willing to fully explain the accounting process in terms that are easily understood and digested, but Jason is exactly that.

Jason is a proud father of four, who intends to continue to grow the firm’s staff of professionals so that he can have a positive impact on them and their families.